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The evidence suggests that if we invest in improving happiness of our employees we see significant improvements in every key performance indicator, including employee engagement:

    1. 43% productivity (Hay Group)
      • 33% higher profitability (Gallup)
        • 37% increase in sales (Shawn Achor - Harvard)
        • 300% more innovative (HBR)
        • 51% lower staff turnover (Gallup)
        • 66% lower sick leave (Forbes)
        • 125% less burnout (HBR)

The difference between engagement and happiness may be a subtle one but it's primarily a question of perspective.

Attempts to make employees more engaged can often sound like a drive to get higher performance out of them – almost like ‘sweating the assets’. If managers are asked to create happy teams who love what they’re doing – it’s more like they’re being asked to ‘build their assets’. To an employee, Happiness feels like it’s more concerned with 'you' not what the firm can 'get from you'.

Our range of happiness-related tools can help you to realise the benefits of a happier workforce, a healthier culture and with our unique Happiness Tracker, we can help you achieve greater levels of insight into what really makes your workforce tick.

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"At Google, we know that health, family and wellbeing are an important aspect of Googlers' lives. We have also noticed that employees who are happy... demonstrate increased motivation... [We]... work hard to ensure that Google is an emotionally healthy place to work"

Lara Harding, People Programs Manager, Google

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