FOCUS is about determining priorities, setting meaningful yet achievable goals, establishing the right measures and co-ordinating your strategic plan in order to achieve your AMBITION.

We help you determine and work on what is necessary, identify what you need to get there, get the right people involved, and establish accountability for the journey.

Most firms do too many things and up to 60% of initiatives are not aligned to the strategy. Are you focused on the right things to achieve your goals?


Portfolio Evaluation

Research shows that as many as 60% of projects and initiatives underway inside organisations are not aligned to the strategy. With too many firms undertaking too many initiatives and abandoning or failing at many, this has a significant impact on the wider business in terms of belief, morale, engagement and performance.

This short review evaluates how well aligned your initiatives are to your strategic aims and can help to reduce demands on resource and improve project performance.
KPI Review

KPI Review

They say that what gets measured gets done. What is your business measuring and what behaviours and results are those measures driving?

This review provides insights into what behaviours your current KPI suite is producing and seeks to highlight potential to eliminate unintended consequences