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Are you more Scrooge than Cratchit? Either way, happiness is your choice.

Did you know? The average lifetime is made up of around 4,000 weeks…

I’ll just give you a moment or two to process that, or indeed to reach for your calculator to work out how many of them you’ve used

Updated: The Power of Purpose (and Meaning)

This month I thought I'd share an update to an article that I wrote back in 2014.

When we started working in this space we would spend a huge amount of time talking about and working with executives on

Cotswold TV interviews Stonepoint & Partners

Rowena Perkins of Cotswold TV interviews David Bellamy of Stonepoint & Partners

"Few people will have heard of you... what do you do?"

Why DAS Chose Stonepoint

Executives from DAS share their experience of working with Stonepoint through 2013 and 2014.

Response to "Why Good strategies fail - lessons for the C-suite"

A global survey of 587 senior executives conducted by The Economist (and sponsored by the Project Management Institute) in March 2013 explored why good strategies fail looking specifically at the

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