Are you more Scrooge than Cratchit? Either way, happiness is your choice.

Did you know? The average lifetime is made up of around 4,000 weeks…

I’ll just give you a moment or two to process that, or indeed to reach for your calculator to work out how many of them you’ve used

Happiness - The Missing KPI

There is almost nothing left to argue about when it comes to the benefits of being happier - we know from study after study that as human beings we perform dramatically better in almost every respect

Is it time to change our attitude towards Happiness at Work?

Over the past few weeks I've seen a number of articles questioning the idea of happiness at work and in fact have been sent one written by The Economist about a dozen times by people asking if I'd

Updated: The Power of Purpose (and Meaning)

This month I thought I'd share an update to an article that I wrote back in 2014.

When we started working in this space we would spend a huge amount of time talking about and working with executives on

3 Steps to Happiness (at work)

I arrived at a company head office recently for a meeting and as I walked into reception I was aware of a sticker on the floor in front of me... It said SMILE... my next step, another sticker, SMILE..

Time to let go

Not trying so hard to have all the answers is good for you. It’s also great for your team.

I had lunch with a client last week. He's a very clever guy with a very senior job in a major global company

Happiness at Work. Happiness? Really?

How would you react if your company told you they were going to make your happiness a priority?

Since launching and promoting the Happiness Lab, I’ve been surprised by some of the resistance to the

Time To Sweep Away Those Old Management Practices?

Right now, your company has 21st-century Internet-enabled business processes, mid-20th-century management processes, all built atop 19th-century management principles

I don’t know about you, but the

Don't Blame The Plants If They Don't Grow In Your Garden - A Gardening Metaphor For Your Company Culture

Most business leaders would agree that the age-old adage is true: Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

But there's something that a lot of them are missing.

You can't create culture. You can only

Achieving sustainable engagement means focusing on Happiness

There is strong evidence supporting the idea that happier employees produce better results. Of course, if you ask HR professionals, the same can be said for engaged employees - I don’t want to get

Building anything great starts with a great design

The image below is courtesy of twitter (from David Williams of AXA - @AXADavidW). It is from a wall in their head office - a quote from Walt Disney (as you can probably just make out).

My response

If Happier People Means Better Performance, What’s Stopping Us?

"Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organisation." Ricardo Semler

The idea of happier workplaces creating

Is it Apathy?

How often do you think about the people around you in your business and what you're thinking is that they just don't care enough - "that's why our projects run late, that's why our customer


"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape"
When you think about a statement like the one above, I suspect you're pretty comfortable nodding your head and agreeing that it applies perfectly well in a

MyLeadershipStory Episode 1

In partnership with Cotswold TV, we're asking executives from all kinds of companies what leadership means to them.

We all have a story of what shapes us as leaders... what's yours?


Mind the Gap

We have an honesty problem inside companies in the UK! There, I said it… and it felt quite good, so I'll say it again - We have an honesty problem inside our companies in the UK.

Whenever I say that

The Power of Purpose

I had a really interesting conversation with some recent graduates a few weeks ago in which I was explaining some of the techniques Stonepoint & Partners uses with leaders to help improve the

Good Leaders are Authentic Leaders

Bill George - Author of True North and Authentic Leadership talks about Authenticity. American oriented it most certainly is, but few people would argue with the sentiment of Bill's interview here

How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright

All the Right Notes

In many aspects of our lives we accept the importance of sequence... then why not when it comes to executing strategy?

"We choose to go to the moon"

JFK's famous "We choose to go to the moon" speech serves as a wonderful example of a powerful Ambition. People may argue about whether it is a goal or a vision - but we really like it. It is

Does your Ambition inspire?

Can we try a quick experiment? It's difficult in an article like this because I'm trying to make this seem as though we're having a conversation, although of course we're not really… anyway, play

Step by Step on Strategy

Stonepoint's founder and CEO tells consultancy columnist Mick James about the firm's Destination offering: a set of tools which enable organisations to work out where they are going – and help them

Tony Robbins - How to Focus...

Forgive the quality of the video, but Tony Robbins talks here about some principles that he applies to his peak performance type work with individuals.

It's probably not a surprise that there's a huge

What If I?...

We really like this... an inspirational video that inspires a co-workers and business people to unite and work towards a common goal.

Engagement Matters

From November 2013... this brief video highlights the importance of having an engaged workforce

Engagement - are we kidding ourselves?

Since the late 1990s Gallup have been measuring employee satisfaction across the globe, so far seeking the views of 25 million employees in 189 countries. The latest version released earlier this

Response to "Why Good strategies fail - lessons for the C-suite"

A global survey of 587 senior executives conducted by The Economist (and sponsored by the Project Management Institute) in March 2013 explored why good strategies fail looking specifically at the

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