We exist to help committed leaders to create better companies, with products and services that help establish better leadership practices, more human cultures and happier employees.

The forces of change in todays markets are placing ever increasing pressure on all companies and their leaders to transform or risk becoming obsolete. Stonepoint offers a fresh approach that will help you to face these challenges head-on. With our flexible set of tools, we help all kinds of leaders to achieve the full potential of their organisation, creating sustainable value, executing strategy more effectively, transforming culture, and unlocking the potential in the workforce.

If you want to find your firm's purpose, align and execute your strategy top to bottom - talk to us about "Destination"

If you'd like to unleash the benefits of a happier workplace - talk to us about "Happiness Lab"

If you're the leader of a small business and would like to benefit from our experience (and that of likeminded leaders) - talk to us about "GROW"



Interested in Happiness at Work? Then visit Happiness Lab

We think the greatest opportunity for most companies can be found in creating healthier, happier and more positive workplaces - after all culture is the only thing that can't be copied.

Click on the link below to visit the Happiness Lab website to see how we might help you cultivate a happier culture in your company

Happiness Lab